A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Create, play and share your own block-pushing puzzle games!

StageMechanic is an Open Source project developed by volunteers. It is currently in active development with fully functional preview versions available for PC and Android.

We were recently featured in the Arts section of the Shoofly Magazine

Keyboard Controls

Play mode:

Move player: arrow keys or wasd
Push/pull blocks: [Shift] + arrow keys or wasd
Change background: [F3]
Undo: [Backspace]
Use Item: [Space Bar]

Create mode:

Move cursor up, down, left, right: arrow keys
Move cursor further, closer: comma and period keys
Edit block details: [Enter]
Place blocks quickly: number keys on top row
Delete block: [Delete]
Place player start position: [B]


StageMechanic 0.4.5 Windows.zip 246 MB
StageMechanic_0.4.5_Mac.zip 249 MB

Also available on

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