They don't stop coming....
They never stop coming...

Wave after wave the swarm of drones, sent by some unseen and unknown power.
It's only us now.

Thank God that we can use the parts from the swarms that we have been able to take down. Its sort of funny, actually, that we can use the very drones sent to kill us to build the giant electromagnetic disruptors that we can use to defend ourselves. The disruptors let us down the drones without destroying their valuable electromagnetic cores. Too bad these defensive towers require so much energy to power.

The last wave destroyed all but our power base. Hopefully we have time to build out enough power nodes and defensive towers to fend off the next wave, and survive another day... or even another hour.

Our scientists think if we can surround the portals with the disruptors we may be able to close them... lets hope.

Created for Extra Credits Game Jam 4

Extra Open - Source code (MIT license):
Extra Monochromatic - Hue = 203

Install instructions

Just unzip and run!


Download 51 MB


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Very fun almost managed to beat it, it would be helpful to have a helth bars on the electromagnetic cores to know where to focus your efforts.

Great work !

Thanks for the feedback! We released a version yesterday on GameJolt (its still locked on itch) that adds health bars to everything. (plus improved scrolling, misc bugfixes, and a pause/settings menu)

Interesting concept, but the balance is really off

Thanks for the feedback! Did you find it too easy or too difficult? We can't update the files on itch yet because they are locked for the jam, but we do have an updated version on GameJolt if you would like to check it out :-)