You awaken in a strange land of dungeons and drag queens where you can

only carry one item at a time. Find the key to rescue the kidnapped Queen
and stick around as the story unfolds...

UHD hand-painted graphics meet classic 8-bit gameplay in this first
Action/RPG from You're Perfect Studio. We plan to release the game across
several "Episodes", each expanding the world and adding new player
characters, quests, items, and enemies.

We are currently in the early phases of development, so expect lots of placeholder and in-progress graphics and wonky programming. Follow along as we iterate over our initial design ideas and work to make something truly original, beautiful, and fun.

You're Perfect Studio is a worldwide team of artists and developers working
together across multiple projects.

Install instructions

Just unzip and run!

Arrow or WASD to move. Space to use. Ctrl to drop.


Download 79 MB
Download 81 MB
Download 81 MB

Development log


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Thanks for being an early supporter of our game! We have a team of 12 people from all walks of life and a variety of countries working together on this project.

We still have several months of work, but Episode 1 is actually currently playable - though with all placeholder art and a lot of rough edges.